Wednesday, July 17, 2013

WEEK 5 at the MTC..Flight plans and Pictures!!! :D A letter coming soon!! :)

Heidi was super busy today as it was her last P.Day before leaving for Germany , so she didn't have time to write much of an email....

"I am  doing great and SUPER excited to leave for Germany next week .I have my flight plans!!!  I fly  to Amsterdam  at 11:00 a.m. Tuesday morning and will arrive  in Amsterdam around 8:00 a.m Wednesday. I then fly  to home away from home for the next 17 months!!! 
( Heidi is on the same flight as one of her best friends , Elder Nate Blackhurst,  who is serving in the Netherlands mission. So fun they are flying to their missions together!!! ) 

 Sorry I'm going to have to hand write my experiences from the week since I'm out of time.  But I hope everything is good at home!!! :D " 
She did send us a few pictures which keeps us happy until we receive a letter!!! :D

Pretty much the highlight of my week was being reunited with my dearest Megan!!! Sister Matheson is headed to the Rio De Jeniero Brazil mission.  I have missed her sooooo much since we were at school together at BYU. She was the BEST roommate I could have hoped for.  Whoever her companion is will be lucky.  And the people of Brazil are lucky because she has the biggest heart out of everyone I know.   I pretty much searched the MTC far and wide until I found her the first day . . . :) 

  Elder Marler and me.   He  was Kalin's roommate at school.  He's headed to Brazil on his mission.  Gotta love AWKWARD Elder-Sister photos.  Related quote from brother Alston this week:  "Learn to embrace the awkwardness that comes with being a missionary."

 I love watching all the missionaries head over to the Marriott center for devotionals..  Army of Helaman right there!!!

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