Saturday, July 6, 2013

WEEK 3- PICTURES!!!! :) :)

                                 We were thrilled to receive more pictures from Heidi!!!! 

 Me and meine mieterbeiterin!!  Standing in front of our classroom building :)

The girls in my room....and me.  From left to right: Sister Schwantes, Turner, Stuart, Knekt, Rasmussen, and ME!  Again in front of our classroom building.  LOVE THESE GIRLS :)

My district and me.  In the back L to R:  Elder Smith, Spencer, and Barber.  This was on our Sunday walk to the temple.  It was SO INCREDIBLY HOT that day but so nice to get out of the confines of the MTC ...haha.

 Also on the walk to the temple I ran into Elder Cody Hilliard! (Not sure I spelled his last name right :P)  It is so so so so fun seeing people I know everywhere at the MTC.  I am especially excited to see my roommmate from college, MEGAN MATHESON when she comes into the MTC soon.  :D :D :D

                              Yes, this is all the closet space I have.  The Rivet family would like this ;). 

This is my bed!  I recently purchased a few photos of Christ to hang by my bed to see when I wake up and when I go to sleep.  I will write more about that in my email though.  Overall, pretty homey right!!?? :) I really don't spend much time here though, it's really only when I'm sleeping . . .

Crazy pics with Sister Rasmussen!!! :D  We love P-days, yes we do!!!!


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