Wednesday, July 10, 2013

WEEK 4 at the MTC- .PICTURES!!


                                                                                                                         July 10, 2013

These are pictures from the little birthday celebration we did for Bruder Alston in class :D  We love him so much!!!!!!  We surprised him with this cake (that Elder Spencer had his mom send him) and we made him a sweet little card with stickers and everything.  We also went to the bookstore and got him a bunch of sweets, a new tie, and some cool pens.  Pretty much we are the best set of missionaries he has ever taught :)

Not all missionaries are perfect and we definitely aren't.  After our last p-day Elder Spencer opened a box and found that his mom had sent him marshmallows.  So naturally we had to play "chubby bunny".  hahahahahaha.  Probably the funniest thing ever. 

This was taken at the 4th of July devotional

We love fireworks, yes we do!!! :D

Fireworks with my district!  Minus Elder Barber, since he and Elder Cavin are usually connected at the hips.

                                                          Crazy elders from my Branch ;)

Elder Holzer (Jordan) and me  He was in my ward at BYU and my FHE brother and he is the coolest person ever!!

    Ran into Sister Sallstrom that I went to high school with.  She's so cute and going to be the        best missionary!  We also went through the temple for the first time together in the Bountiful

Me with Sister Stuart and Sister Knect.  Love these girls to death.  They are both in my room and we are all going to Berlin together!!!

This is Sister Roben.  She is from the Netherlands and is the only member in her family.  She is amazing!
 She converted  to the church when she was 18.  She is now 22 and graduated from law school. 

 Sister Cooper and me. She is the  cutest girl from Scotland you will ever meet!!!

                 Let's just say that after we were cleaning our room we might have had a little towel fight . . .

                                                       Laundry adventures part 1 and 2!!

  Elder Bruneel.  Crazy Elder from Idaho who is very funny.  He loves watches.  He carries his laundry to and from the laundry room in a sheet (that's not weird at all . . .) and he drinks like 10 glasses of liquid with every meal. 

                                            Letter writing in the laundry room.  Love my district :D

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