Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Visitors from Germany in our home! :D

**I just realized I hadn't posted this blog which was written the first part of October)

At home here in Bountiful, Utah...

Germany doesn't seem so far away...
Last Friday (October 4) we welcomed two visitors ...Church members, Mirja and Danny from Langenhorn, Germany. They were visiting  Utah  to attend  The Church of Jesus Christ of Later-Day Saints General Conference.  Mirja lives above Heidi and her companion. We had a wonderful visit with them!!! :D

Heidi sent our family some wonderful surprises from Hamburg...German  chocolate...yum yum... 

But the best surprise of all was when Mirja opened her Ipad and showed us a video of Heidi and her companion which Mirja had made the night before flying to the U.S. Heidi and her companion looked and sounded so happy..and they spoke German to us!! So fun!! And  so strange to hear my daughter speaking German. 

And the unexpected surprise of having a German exchange student in our home for the school year is absolutely wonderful.

Heather, me, Danny, Mirja

Heather, Adina (our German exchange student from Leipzig), me and Mirja

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