Wednesday, June 25, 2014


We didn't receive a weekly email from Heidi, but she did send me her weekly email that she wrote to her mission pres. The work is going well in Cottbus. I have included a short excerpt: 

Short excerpt from her email to her mission president:

"We have seen so many miracles this week!!  This past week made such a big impact on me, my life, and on my entire mission.  The most incredible thing is really just feeling the Spirit leading and guiding me and Sister Nilson in just about everything.
For weekly planning each week since we came together we have been so prayerful about preparing for the people we teach and work with.  And we set specific goals for what we want to focus on in helping them prepare for baptism.”

An email I received from  Heidi’s companion, Sister Nilson:

Mamannette! ( I hope that is okay that I called you that! I know that it is a very special name in your family. ) Sister Shelley talks about you every single day!! About what an incredible mother you are and how she always calls you her mamanette. Some things that you have said in letters to Sister Shelley she has shared with me and they have helped me so much! SO I just want to thank you. We as people have such a big effect!!
Ah! I have just heard ooddles and boodles about you and your incredible family!! I feel like I am a part of it... :) Sister Shelley has become my sister. I love her so much!!  I just want to tell you how grateful I am for your daughter. She is the most powerful missionary I have ever served with. Her love for the people and her passion for the work is contagious. I love her so much. She is such a force for good!! We have so much fun together. Already we have seen so much success here in Cottbus. I feel so privilaged to be with her again.
Her headaches have gotten better this week. And DONT worry... I make her rest when she needs it. Even though all she wants to do is go convert the world... it is important for her to STAY healthy so she can do that :) I have no doubt that she will do JUST that. Cottbus is different since she came. I am so so thankful she is my companion!!....
Have a wonderful week!!!!
Much love,

Sister Nilson

                              Picture we received from Jialu. A surprise visit to Cottbus!!

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