Monday, April 14, 2014

LOTS of PICTURES!! :D and a letter soon to come!

April 14, 2014

Hey :)
I am sorry I wont have any time to send an actual email today.  I really wanted to share photos with you from the past several weeks because I dont get the opportunity very often.  But I PROMISE I will finish my letter from last week and send a new one from the week with everything that I experienced.
I LOVE YOU SO MUCH.  I am so grateful to have you as my mother and for our family.  I know that God lives.  I know that he loves us.  If we know that and remember that it will give us strength to go forward every day, even when its hard.  Remember that we are here on the earth to experience joy and adversity.  We are here to enjoy life!!  I pray you will all have a good week.  You will hear from me soon--written in my own hand.  Love you :)
I cant wait to see all your faces in less than a month!!!!  ( On Mother's Day when we get to skype!! ) :D :D :D

Eating at Dolores' Mexican food...You have no idea how much I have missed this. 

General Conference district meeting. We all gave talks!


Tschuss! Papa!! Ich liebe dich

The original dritt! :) At the trains station saying goodbye to meine Liebe.

My new comp! Seconds after she got off the train. Surprise! Flash! :D

More of the city. 

                                                                    Well hi!!

                                         So much art in Berlin..and so much graffiti.

                                              I found another TALL companion!! :D

                       These boots are made for walking..A little bit of the Berlin Wall.

                                                 More adventuring on P.Day!! :D

In the city. ...A little bit of exploring... our first P.Day together.

SCHRITT FÜR SCHRITT. ( Step by step ) Best advice you could ever get from the stairs in the bahn station.

A little rain never hurt anyone right? Life isn't fun unless we learn how to dance in it :) Egal if we don't know how to dance...

                                    Zone Training Meeting. REUNION : Sister and Me!!

 (excerpt from Heidi's recent letter..." Guess what? Sister Darrington is coming to Berlin. AND SHE WILL BE MY SISTER TRAINING LEADER!!!! I am so excited!!!!   Seriously..I have been thinking about her so much lately . I'm so grateful for her, who she is, and who she helped me to become. We talked about the day we would see each other again- we both agreed it would be a long hug and probably lot's of tears. I just know I am so happy to see her again. I took so much of what I learned from her and with her and applied it to my companionship here. Really, I wish we could serve together again before our missions are up. but we will see. " )

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