Sunday, December 29, 2013


Christmas Eve Day we received one of the best presents ever..lots of pictures from Heidi's companion.

Christmas Day (10:30 p.m.) we skyped with Heidi. She looked just radiant but many tears were shed...she is so homesick right now.. and missionary work is so hard. . The cold, humid gloomy winter German weather is affecting her normally happy, spunky self.  There are days when both she and her companion  struggle with keeping their spirits up..  She is really having a difficult time right now. Even though they have been  teaching some amazing people she feels like she is disappointing us and the Lord because she hasn't seen any of her investigators  baptized. A few have been so close but have had trials come their way. 

Rejection is hard as she tries to share the gospel with people on the streets of Germany. And it hurts her to see investigators that she dearly loves not accept the truthfulness of the restored gospel  ...not willing to keep their commitments of reading the Book of Mormon, attending  Church. or sincerely praying about the gospel truths they are being taught. She love the church members and her investigators and feel so much of their pain and sadness. Her heart aches when their heart aches...   
She has developed such Christlike love for the people she is serving.   

She has also been really homesick this month...I think with it being Christmas time...  I am just so glad she has such a great companion, Sister Darrington. She and Sister Darrington have worked through their challenges and have become extremely close...I was so happy to hear that. 

Heidi needs lots of support from  family and friends. Please send her your love and encouragement through email or letter. She will be so happy to hear from those she loves. 

                                                               P.Day in Hamburg .

In the tower at the top of Michaelis Church..They climbed hundreds of stairs to reach the top and were rewarded with amazing views of all of Hamburg, Heidi said it was like a Hamburg Eiffel Tower! :D

                                       Heidi and her companion, Sister friends!!!

Walking through an old tunnel that goes under the Elbe river ..they came up on the other side of the Harbor.

                         P.Day in Hamburg  - Heidi, Sister Darrington and the Elders in their district.

                                                     Celebrating the  3 Days of Christmas.

Heidi visiting a dear member in the hospital. She reminds Heidi so much of her Grandma Shelley who passed away several years ago.A tender moment together.

                                                                 Traveling on the Bahn

                 Church  members showed so much love to Heidi and her companion during Christmas .

Gifts  from church members.

                                     A member made this glass vase for Heidi. What a treasure!!

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