Monday, August 5, 2013

Ich liebe Deutschland . . . ( LANGENHORN [ HAMBURG ] )

News from  Heidi! So happy to hear from  her. I can tell she  loves Germany and the people and is already  connecting with them. She only had time to write a short email  but will be sending a letter in the mail also. ( Which I will post as soon as we receive it ) 

                                                                                                                                                                          August 5, 2013

This week has been great.  Pretty much every one of our appointments fell through (except for 2), but we found ourselves in other places that we needed to be in.  This week wasn't as hot as last week (thank goodness!).  And I think the German people are starting to be less scared of us!!!  (yay!).  People actually sat next to us on the public transportation and started talking to us on their own. As Marc would say, "wow wow wow, that is gorgeous!"  {*****Marc  , remember when we were in Yosemite two years ago and every time you saw a beautiful  scene you would shout for Kevin to stop the car and would shout, Wow, wow, wow!!! That's gorgeous!!!?" ) 
I bought a sketch book and I am excited to begin sharing my artistic talent with the people here.  When I told Bruder R that I could draw and that I would draw a picture for his family he lept off his spot on the couch!  Haha.  He excitedly looked through all of his photos looking for one that he wanted me to draw.  It's so cool, because on my first day in President Kosak's office he told me that I needed to use my talents.  And here I am using them!  

So a few things happened this week that were HUGE!  One, Sister Nilson and I committed Mar  to baptism.  And I was the one who vocalized the invitation!  That's the coolest experience ever!  We had a breakthrough with L and we have begun to have a great friendship with her.  We made smoothies that were really interesting.  She taught us the coolest way to peel mangoes (how they do it in the Philippines) and I will peel and cut mangoes this way for the rest of my life.  We also made a really interesting watermelon smoothie that was hot . . . because we heated up sugar and water on the stove and then mixed it with the watermelon . . . Haha but it was good nevertheless . . . Sister Nilson and I made chocolate banana chip pancakes!  Best idea ever.  We ran into people this week that were NOT coincidences.  I will write about these experiences specifically in my letter home.  And, my German is improving so much every day!  It is truly a miracle.  Haha. 

I am out of time, but I will write another letter home.  Mom, if you wouldn't mind,  would you either scan or send the words from my letter you put on my blog to Kalin and Brad. 

I love you all!

Also, if possible, refrain from sending letters to the mission home.  Just send them to my personal address here in Langenhorn.  We only get those letters in Zone Conference which is like every six weeks.  But I will be getting mine this Wednesday from my district leader, yippee!! 

Loving P.Days!  Trying on hats!! :)

Heidi in an authentic German dress! 

The caterpillar bus.  These things are so cool!

Me with the familie R.  This family is so American and so funny!  Bruder R reminds me of Dad and his brothers a little bit.  He loves loves loves Apple technology.  And he was pretty good at helping us with our German!  At this Essen Termin  (dinner appointment) they all started singing the Heidi theme song from the famous German cartoon here.  (I told them that was my first name).  It was the cutest thing!  then Bruder R pulled up the cartoon on the tv and played the part where Heidi is singing the song.  Ich liebe Deutschland . . .   

Me and my beautiful, funny, sweet, spunky, quirky companion.  Ich liebe Sister Nilson!  This day it was super super rainy and we traveled a long ways to contact a woman that wasn't even home!  It was also really weird because this guy on the bus was staring at me  the whole bus ride there, so naturally I thought he was interested in my name tag and the church!  He got off the bus when we did, and I was all excited because we aren't allowed to preach on public transportation.  But the first thing he asks me (in hard to understand German) is if I have a boyfriend . . . UHHHHHHHHMMMMM. Pretty much it was really awkward considering he was like 40 years old and we didn't even have any common languages (he was from Iran and didn't even speak English or Deutsch).  Haha and then of course I almost gave him a pass along card that has our cell number and address of the church.  Thank goodness Sister Nilson saved her poor blonde companion. 

Langenhorn ... such a beautiful GREEN place.  I'm in heaven here.  This was us walking to one of our appointments.

These pictures are both from our Essen Termin (dinner appointment) with the familie M.  They are both members in our ward.  Schwester M is an incredible artist and Bruder M was an art dealer for a living.  so we had a lot to talk about!!!  The photo that Schwester M is standing by is one of her originals.  She had a vision for this painting after visiting Jerusalem a few years ago.  This painting also hangs in our church building and in some of the other members homes.  I absolutely love it! :D  After our meal we had a little bit of time so we went downstairs and they showed me their miniature gallery.  These are all paintings that they have purchased from all sorts of locations to sell themselves.  All of these paintings were from famous European artists, some of them worth thousands of euros!!  It was sooooo amazing.  All I could say was, "Ich bin in Himmel.  Ich bin in Himmel.  Ich bin so glücklich jetzt." 

 Smoothies at L's!  She is one of our investigators and she is the sweetest woman in the whole world.  Mom, I told her how you served a mission in the Phillippines and she loved that!  She is native Filipino.  Her little boy P ,  who is eighteen months, is the cutest thing ever.  

 P!!!  While making smoothies he kept making a tent out of my skirt and wiping his mouth on my skirt . . . Good thing I love little kids :D

Me , our investigator L and her son P.
  It was like 500 degrees and super humid so that's why I look so lovely  in all these photos.  But the heat doesn't even matter, because we are always so glücklich hier zu sein! ( happy to be here!! ) We shared a spiritual thought from the Book of Mormon in 3 Nephi 17: 21:23.  This is when Christ appeared to the people in the Americas after his death and resurrection.  It was so sweet reading about this experience when Christ blesses the little children one by one and weeps to His Father.  After meeting with her she said a prayer with us kneeling down which was incredible.  She is soooo shy and so it was a big deal for her.  

CHOCOLATE BANANA PANCAKES.  Deutschland is officially home.  :)  Best comfort food after a long, hard day.  

Also, don't you just love the hot and humid look? ;D

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